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our online schedule

Every week day

Begins each morning at 5am with Gospel music before playing the latest in pop, dance, hip hop, rap, reggae, soca and dancehall.

The latest song from the 'Artist of the Month' plays at 10:30am.  


Similar to a weekday but in the afternoon, the mood switches, preparing all for the weekend - top songs from the genres soca, dancehall, reggae, and rap are played.

LoveLink replays at 7pm.


Similar to a typical weekday but ends with the Mid-Week Mash Up by DJ Wiz.  He dee-jays from 7pm to 9pm.


High-tempo hits play all day and the evening brings Lovers' Rock, slowing things down for Sunday gospel.  


Begins with Gospel music at 5am and then switches to Oldie Goldies at 7:30am.   

This mix is a compilation of old hits from all genres between the years 1970’s to 2015.


It plays ALL day! 


Gospel plays all morning until 2pm.  

R&B, Soul and Easy Listening begin at 2pm and end at 7pm.

The LoveLink Show comes on live from 7pm to 9pm.  Click for more information.

The evening ends with Lovers' Rock.

Our Shows / Segments

Here is a list of all the shows/segments we provide at The Signal 284.

Love Link Logo-04.jpg


This weekly show plays on Sundays from 7pm to 9pm. Click for more info.

hey hey.webp

Hey, Hey What's Popping?

Every week we ask random persons on the street a popping question.  This segment is played everyday during the week.

health tip.jpeg

Health Tip

During the week we feature one health tip for persons to use for improvement.


Did you know?

Every day we look at a different fun fact.  This is shared throughout the day.

Morning devotions.jpeg

Morning devotions

Every morning, start the day with a spoken word - meditation - inspiration.  Devotion starts at 6am.


Conspiracy Theories

Every Wednesday during the day we focus on a conspiracy theory.  Your opinions are welcomed in the Forums.



Every Monday we look closely at a topic that everyone (male and female) can benefit from to improve their lifestyle.


Mindset Unleashed

This short segment is taken from clips from inspirational speakers and played at random times of during the day.


Today in History

Every day we look at noteworthy things that happened on that date.

What to watch_edited.jpg

What to watch?

Looking for something to binge watch over the weekend?  This weekly segment gives you a new show each week.  Airs on Fridays and Saturdays only.


Do's & Don'ts

Every Thursday we share with you a few do's and don'ts to take you through the week.  Gentle reminders of things you know already.

Love tip.webp

Love Tip

During the week we feature one love tip for persons to use in their relationships.


Thought of the Day

A different thought is given each day, throughout the day.



Every week we select a different place to visit.

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