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Meet our Artists of the Month

Every month we will feature a local artist, or band providing not only their background on who they really are and what they do but also giving you access to their past and present music. 

We here at The Signal 284, salute our local artists and will always promote their accomplishments, and feature their music.

This month we pause and pay respect to none other than BVI's own

Pure Drive Squad

Here is what they had to say when they met with The Signal 284.

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Artist of the month.webp

Their Story

"Once you hear our music you just can’t help but dance, shake a leg and gyrate your waistline"

TheSignal284 presents to you the Pure Drive Squad!


The Pure Drive Squad is a group of young male musicians passionate about music that welcome any opportunity to entertain, regardless of the occasion and audience. They first got into music because of their love for music and the idea that it would be an opportunity to create the first-ever high school band of this genre in their time.


“We got started on an on-and-off basis dating back to the year 2019.  Coming together as often as time permitted to host practice sessions. Music has always been a passion of ours.”


The typical music we create can be described as Drive: Up tempo music. A combination of sounds, beats, and instruments used to build the sound we call drive-VI style music. Once you hear our music, you just can’t help but dance, shake a leg, and gyrate your waistline. We always work with an open mind when creating our rhythms inspired by a specific vibe or mood, ideas, things happening in the environment, and observing performances by other local and international artists and bands. These ideas are then tweaked and tailored to create our unique sound.


Thesignal284 asked Pure Drive Squad which famous musicians or bands they admired. Here is the list of artists: “VIBE, Dante the Artist, Extreme, Stylee band, Shaw HP the band, Blind Ears, Pumpa and the list can go on.”


When asked about the feelings that they get when they perform the group responded,

“Several mixed emotions. An exciting yet calming feeling. Most importantly the group enjoys their music and during performances that energy transcends to the audience.”


The group mentioned that their favorite song to perform would be their first and only song at this time, which goes by the name Squeeze.


The group was also asked who they would like to collaborate with musically, and they responded “We would like to collaborate with any local/international artist band.”


They also stated that once the opportunity should ever present itself, they would like to be able to open a show for any local or international artists.


While bringing the interview to an end, the group was asked what was the best advice that had been given to them since on the music scene. “Be genuine, enjoy doing what you do, and keep working to better your craft and find your sound,” was their reply.

Artist of the month.webp

Have a listen...

Here is the newest release from the Pure Drive Squad - click on the name of each the songs.  Please listen and share with others.

You can also listen on weekdays at 10:30 am, to one of their featured songs, here on THE SIGNAL 284. 


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